• The Shit List – Week 6

    Week 6 has concluded and quite honestly, some of you had a pretty shitty week. You know the kind. You feel one approaching from the south so you hop up on that porcelain throne and give it a good push to get things going. You can feel it. It feels like a brown submarine coming […]

  • The Shit List – Week 5

    Welp, if deadlines were a Squid Game, I’d be dead. (I know dumb joke.. I’m just trying to stay relevant okay?). Sorry for the late report. It just takes me so long to have to type Pumpkin Spicin Basic B*tch this took forever to write! haha nah, your boy just had to work for once. […]

  • The Shit List – Week 4

    Okay listen up, shit heads. It’s time to tighten up those tushies. It’s only the beginning of week five and some of ya’ll are already getting sloppy. And I’m not talking about you got a little poo on your hand when you wiped and now you’re downstairs eating out of the communal potato chip bowl […]

  • The Shit List – Week 3

    Week three has come to a conclusion and some of us got fucked in the pooper so badly we’ll be bound up for days. But don’t worry friends, this is what we’re here for! So climb up on that throne, hold my hand (or a railing) and Bear Down on that ballon knot until it […]

  • The Shit List – Week 2

    Hello there, friends. Week two is in the books and it sure didn’t disappoint. So, drop that seat down, point those cheeks to the ground, dump that diarrhea, and let’s get started! This week was a rough week in fantasy for I Touchdown There so I dedicate this week’s soundtrack to my good buddy, Dave. […]